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Other Badges

Union Flag
The Union Flag should be worn on the right breeast of your jumper, above the Challenge Badges and any Awards that you receive.  You will receive a Union Flag if you take part in a Cub Scout activity (for example, a Cub Camp) in a different country. The Union Flag shows the Cub Scouts from different countries where you come from.

Any special Awards that you receive while you are a Cub Scout (or that you received as a Beaver Scout) are worn on the right breast of your jumper, above the Chief Scout’s Award.

These Awards are not badges that you can work for. Instead they are awarded very occasionally to members of the Scout Family who have done something very special. The Awards that might be given to a Cub Scout are:

The Cornwell Scout Badge
For pre-eminently high character and devotion to duty, together with great courage and endurance.

Awards for Gallantry
For acts which include an element of personal risk.

Awards for Meritorious Conduct
For conduct involving a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or devotion to duty, often under suffering.

If you know about something very special that a Cub Scout has done, tell Akela as they may deserve a special Award.