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Chief Scout's Silver Award

If you gain all of the Challenge Badges, plus at least six Activity Badges, you will be awarded the Chief Scout's Silver Award, the highest award available to Cub Scouts. Challenge Badges are awarded when you have completed a series of tasks that test your skill and determination. There are seven different Challenge Badges for you to complete. You will often find that you have completed a Challenge Badge just by taking part in activities during Cub meetings, camps or outings because lots of the things we do contribute towards them. You will also need to do some work at home in order to complete them all.

The Chief Scout’s Award should be worn on the right breast of your jumper, above the Challenge Badges.

The Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the top award that you can achieve when you are a Cub Scout (you’ll have to wait until you’re a Scout to get the Gold Award!)

You probably won’t get the Silver Award until you are about to become a Scout. However, if you were an excellent Beaver you might have already managed to get the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. If you do have this then you can take it of your Beaver jumper sew it into your Cub Scout Uniform.

The Chief Scout’s Silver Award shows that you have taken part in lots of interesting and exciting activities with the other Cubs in the Pack.