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Challenge Badges

See which badges you have earned with the Pack on our badge progress chart

Scroll down to access badge information sheets for each of the Challenge Badges or download a complete copy of our badge book.

Your Challenge Badges are worn on the right breast of your jumper. Challenge Badges are awarded when you have completed a series of tasks that test your skill and determination. There are seven different Challenge Badges for you to complete. You will often find that you have completed a Challenge Badge just by taking part in activities during Cub meetings, camps or outings because lots of the things we do contribute towards them. You will also need to do some work at home in order to complete them all.

If you gain all of the Challenge Badges, plus at least six Activity Badges, you will be awarded the Chief Scout's Silver Award, the highest award available to Cub Scouts.

Adventure Challenge

Outdoor Challenge

Skills Challenge

World Challenge
Teamwork Challenge
Team Leader Challenge
Personal Challenge