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Moving-On and Joining-In

The Moving-On Award is worn on the left breast of your jumper, above the Membership Badge and below the Joining In Award.

Beaver Scout Colony to Cub Scout Pack
This is a special award for Cubs who used to be Beavers. It will have helped these Cubs to swim up to the Cub Pack from the Beaver Colony and they will have received it while they were still a Beaver.

Cub Scout Pack to Scout Troop
If you weren't a Beaver then don’t worry – you can also get a Moving-On Award to help you move on to the Scout Troop. For about four to Six weeks you will be going to Scouts as well as Cubs,to give you the chance to take part in meetings with the Scout Troop and work for the Scout Membership Award.

Joining In Awards
The Joining In Awards should be worn on the left breast of your jumper, above your Membership Badge and your Beaver Scout Moving-On Award. Just for taking part in all of the exciting activities that you do a Cubs, you will get a Joining In Badge. Every year that you are a Cub you will be given a new badge that shows how many years you have been joining in for. If you were a Beaver before you joined Cubs you might already have a Joining In Badge. You can wear this one on your Cub Uniform until you get a new one from the Cubs