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Leadership Awards

Leadership Stripes are worn on your right arm, beneath the District and County Badges. You will receive Leadership Stripes when you have been a Cub Scout for at least a year, but only if Akela and the other leaders consider that you are able to take on the extra responsibility.

You are likely to become a Seconder first of all and then, later, you may be promoted to become a Sixer. The Sixer is in charge of the Six – a bit like a team captain. The Sixer is usually an older Cub with lots of experience and, when you first join, he or she will look after you and make sure you know what you need to be doing. The Sixer also has a deputy, called a Seconder. The Seconder helps the Sixer to look after the Six and takes charge if the Sixer is not there for some reason.

Our eldest and most trustworthy Cubs may be promoted to become Senior Sixers. The Senior Sixers are those Cubs who are about to move on to Scouts and they are expected to help the leaders as required.