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Scarf, Woggle and Jumper

Group Scarf
Every Scout Group has a scarf in its own special colours. Our scarf is blue-grey, with a yellow border. 

You will be presented with your scarf when you are invested (at the same time that you receive your 
Membership Badge).

On the back of your scarf, you will wear our special Group Badge. This is worn by every member of our Group: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders.

Six Woggle
The Cub Pack is broken up into different Sixes. In our Cub Pack there are five Sixes: the red Six, the yellow Six, the green Six , the blue Six and the white Six. You will be given your woggle when you are invested - there is no need to buy this in advance.

Cub Jumper and other uniform items
The official Cub Scout uniform is a dark green crew neck sweatshirt. The sweatshirt can be bought online from the Scout Shop and also from Amazon or eBay. Some Cubs wear the official Cub Polo Shirt underneath their sweatshirt, but this is not required. We also sell Pack T-Shirts (£8 each, available from Akela).

Cub Scouts wear navy blue trousers, shorts or skirt (these do not have to be the official Scout Shop items). You should have a smart pair for parades and special occasions, but remember that you are likely to get dirty at Cub meetings so some activity trousers might be the best option - we're happy for Cubs to wear any dark trousers, including tracksuit bottoms.

In addition, there are a number of other items available that you may choose to buy (caps, T-shirts, fleeces, ponchos and waterproofs) but these are not essential.