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Space Camp

This is our programme for a two day Space Camp, with up to 24 Cubs, during which we completed all requirements of the Astronomer's badge. We did this camp in early spring, sleeping indoors but spending plenty of time outside. Fortunately we had perfect weather for stargazing - cold but clear - but you could still complete all activities even if the conditions were not so good. We split the Cubs into Training Crews and awarded crew points for each activity over the course of the weekend, with a prize for the winning crew.

  Activity Resources  Badge Links
10:00      Arrive at NASA Base
Crew members are allocated a home planets which they will be sleeping on (each room has a planet sign on the door).

> Planet pictures for each door (PDF)
> List of who's on which planet (Word)
> Lots of space posters up everywhere
10:15 Split into Crews, then receive log books
Give each Cub a card with a group/no on it - without speaking the Cubs must find the rest of their crew and line up in number order. Award crew points based on whih crew is sorted first.
> Group/number cards (PDF)
> Crew points chart (PDF)
10:35  Flag Break and Log Books
Give each Cub a log book - run through the training camp rules and the weekend programme. Cubs to sign astronaut contracts. 
> Log books (PDF)
> Star stickers
10:45  NASA Training Bases
Cubs to visit each base in turn for 15 minutes - award crew points based on points earned and award crew badges to confirm successful completion of the training programme.

* Base 1: Asteroid Field (outdoors)
* Base 2: Code Breaker (indoors)
* Base 3: Space Bridge (outdoors)
   Vostok- Pioneer-Sputnik-Apollo
* Base 4:Communication (indoors)
   Apollo-Vostok- Pioneer-Sputnik

> Crew badges (PDF) 
Asteroid Field:
> Adult Instructions (PDF) 
> Score Sheet (PDF) 
> Cub Instructions (PDF) 
Code Breaker:
Adult Instructions (PDF) 
Score Sheet (PDF) 
Cub Instructions (PDF) 
Number Sentences (PDF) 
Space Bridge:
Adult Instructions (PDF) 
Score Sheet (PDF)
Cub Instructions (PDF) 
Rules (PDF) 
Adult Instructions (PDF) 
Score Sheet (PDF) 
Cub Instructions (PDF) 
Message (PDF)

Creative Challenge (9)
Take part in a problem-solving activity that requires creative thinking
12:00 The Solar System
Discuss what the solar system is then create a human solar system. Stick up the planets in order then give each Cub a sheet of paper and get them to draw their own system.
Solar System Info Sheet (PDF)
Planets Information (PDF)these should be attached to scale drawn pictures of the planets which the Cubs can hold, then stick up
Solar System Drawing Sheet (PDF)

Astronomer (1)
Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system 
13:00 Refuelling
Lunch time - sandwiches with space fillings
Free time after with colouring sheets option
> Colouring sheets (PDF)
14:00 Stars and Planets
Read out the information about stars and planets - Cubs need to listen carefully. Read out a list of statements – Cubs decide whether they apply to stars or planets and run to the correct side - award a smiley sticker to the first Cub to arrive at the right place. Award crew points based on stars earned by crew members.
> Stars and Planets Info Sheet (PDF)
> Stars and Planets Pictures (PDF)
> Star/Planet Signs (PDF)
> Stars and Planets Statements (PDF)
> Smiley Stickers
Astronomer (2)
Explain the difference between a planet and a star
14:30  Flying Saucers
Start flying saucer creation - paint the tennis ball halves and leave to dry. Stick the CDs together, shiny side out. Pre-cut the tennis balls with a Stanley knife; you may need to drill the holes in them!
> Two half tennis balls per Cub, all with holes punched in the top
> Two CDs per Cub
> Silver Paint
> Tacky glue

Artist (9)
Design and build a model
15:00  Space Research
Cubs to work in their crews. They need to research two or more topics from the information sheets. They must prepare a visual presentation and be ready to give their presentation to parents on Sunday afternoon.
> Space research sheets (PDF)
> Space research pictures (PDF)
> Space books
> Flipchart paper
Astronomer (4)
Find out about and present some information on the two space-related subjects
16:45  Constellations
Talk about what a constellation is – run through the info sheet. Crews then work together to correctly identify the constellations (award crew points based on how quickly they get them all right). Then give each Cub some black paper some glow stars - they should create three constellations using the picture sheets to guide them.
> Constellations info sheet (PDF)
> Constellations game (PDF)
> Constellation answers (PDF)
> Black paper, glow stars and metallic pens
Astronomer (3)
Identify three constellations
17:45  The Pole Star
Talk about how to find the Pole Star and demonstrate how it can be used for navigation. Cubs then need to complete Pole Star worksheets.

> Pole star info sheet (PDF)
> Pole star diagram (PDF)
> Pole star worksheet (PDF)
> Globe
Astronomer (6)
Know how to locate and identify the pole star. Know how explorers used it to navigate and plot courses.
18:15 Refuelling
Dinner time - tortilla wraps as these don't produce crumbs so are good in space!
19:30 All About the Moon
Talk about the way in which the moon rotates as it orbits, then talk about the features of the moon. Give them all a moon map and feature markers – Cubs to come and stick features on the moon poster. Finally talk about the phases of the moon. Finish with the moon facts game to see how much they know (award crew points accordingly).

> Big moon poster
> Moon information sheet (PDF)
> Moon features sheets (PDF)
> Moon feature labels (PDF)
> Moon facts sheet (PDF)
> Globe, foam ball and sun torch
Astronomer (5)
Observe the moon, if possible using binoculars or a telescope. Describe some of its features.
20:30  Camp Fire and Stargazing
Hand out star charts - go outdoors and look at moon and stars through telescope, then campfire with songs.

> Telescope and/or binoculars
> Star charts (PDF)
> Camp fire songs book (PDF)

Astronomer (5)
Astronomer (3)
See above for details
21:45  Docking
Bed time!


07:00Up, Dressed, Refuelled
Pancakes for breakfast!
08:00 Tidy Planets and Kit Inspection
Get everything neatly packed away - award crew points based on how tidy the planets are.
09:30 Flight Training
Outdoor activities - zip wire and/or 3G Swing.


Outdoor (4) +1
Take part in outdoor activities that you have not done before. 
11:30Rocket Firing
Rocket shooting competition between the crews.

> Stomp rockets x 2
> Rocket firing score sheet (PDF)
Outdoor (4) +1
Take part in outdoor activities that you have not done before. 
Pasta and sauce for lunch, with ice cream for afters.
13:30Flying Saucers
Construct and decorate flying saucers - thread the string through the hole in one ball, then through the middle of the CDs and through the other ball. Use a glue gun to attach the balls to the CDs. Decorate with sequins.
> Silver thread
> Large needles
> Glue gun and glue
> Tacky glue
> Sequins

Artist (9)
See above for details

14:00Space Poetry and Crossword
Cubs to make up acrostic poems about space - they can choose from several different space words as their starting point. If they finish writing they can decorate their poems and/or do a crossword.

> Space poem sheets (PDF)
> Crosswords (PDF)
Creative (7)
Write a poem or short story on a subject of your choice.
15:00Space Quiz then enjoyed/found hardest
Work in crews to answer as many questions as possible in 15 minutes (using books and resources as required) - mark quizzes and award crew points while Cubs complete their enjoyed most/found hardest sheets.

> Space quiz (PDF)
> Space quiz answers (PDF)
> Enjoyed/hardest sheets (PDF)

Invite parents to watch. Cubs to give presentations that they have prepared and practiced then all Cubs to tell everyone what they enjoyed the most and what they found hardest.
Astronomer (4)
See above for details
Outdoors (2)
Explain what activity you enjoyed most and what activity you found hardest.
16:00Closing Ceremony
Award certificates to all Cubs and award prizes to crew with the most points.
> Certificates (PDF)
> Prizes for winning crew (3D planets)