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Astronomer badge

Astronomer badge sheet
We completed the Astronomer badge as a part of our Space Camp. However, in the past we have also done it over two Pack nights, with Cubs doing their own research at home for requirement 4. The links below are to the materials used on our camp.

1 Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system.
Discuss what the solar system is then create a human solar system with Cubs representing the planets and orbiting a human sun, with satellites orbiting the planets (give them a planet poster for their planet). Stick up the planets in order then give each Cub a sheet of paper and get them to draw their own system.

Explain the difference between a planet and a star.
Read out the information about stars and planets - Cubs need to listen carefully. Read out a list of statements – Cubs decide whether they apply to stars or planets and run to the correct side - award a point to the first Cub to arrive at the right place.

3 Identify three constellations.
Talk about what a constellation is – run through the info sheet. Cubs then work in Sixes to correctly identify the constellations (award points based on how quickly they get them all right). Then give each Cub some black paper some glow stars - they should create three constellations using the picture sheets to guide them.

4 Find out about and present some information on the two of the following: planets, comets, the northern lights, the sun, eclipses, meteorites, black holes, the moon, light years, space exploration or any other space-related subject.
Cubs to work in their Sixes. They need to research two or more topics from the information sheets. They must prepare a visual presentation and be ready to give their presentation to parents.

Observe the moon, if possible using binoculars or a telescope. Describe some of its features.
Talk about the way in which the moon rotates as it orbits, then talk about the features of the moon. Give them all a moon map and feature markers – Cubs to come and stick features on the moon poster. Finally talk about the phases of the moon. Finish with the moon facts game to see how much they know.
6 Know how to locate and identify the pole star. Know how explorers used it to navigate and plot courses.
Talk about how to find the Pole Star and demonstrate how it can be used for navigation. Cubs then need to complete Pole Star worksheets.