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Local Knowledge Badge

Local Knowledge badge sheet
1(a) Find out about a famous person, past or present, who lived in or near where you live.
Richard Branson has a home in Kidlington, so we found out about both him and about the Virgin brand that he is famous for. We started with a brief discussion about who Richard Branson is and what he is famous for. We had put up information sheets around the room and the Cubs then had a quiz to complete in their Sixes - it was time limited to encourage them all to take part. We then played a game in Sixes where they had to match Virgin brands to descriptions of the brand. 
> Who is Richard Branson? (PDF)
> Richard Branson information sheets (PDF)
> Richard Branson quiz (PDF)
> Richard Branson quiz - answers (PDF)
> Virgin matching game (PDF) - cut up into cards, one set per Six
> Virgin matching game - answers (PDF)

2 Find out the meaning of, and collect pictures of, either your County, Borough, District, town or village coat of arms. Tell a leader in how many different places you have seen the coat of arms displayed.
We looked at a picture of the Oxford City Coat of arms and talked about the meaning of the different parts of it. Cubs were then given an information sheet to fill in, to see how much they could remember, and had a picture of the coat of the arms to colour in or copy. They were also asked to find at least two examples of the coat of arms and bring photos, drawings or descriptions along.
> Coat of Arms photo (PDF)
> Coat of Arms information sheet (PDF)

3 Talk to someone who has lived in your local area for a long time. Find out about what life was like when they were young and what changes they have seen in your local area over the intervening years.
We have lots of local Scouters who have lived in the area for a long time - they are always happy to come along and talk to the Cubs about how things have changed since they were Cubs!

4 Draw a map of your area and mark on it places of interest.
Provide the Cubs with a sheet to do this on, and some suggestions of the things to include on their maps. Some are able to do this without any further help while others need some assistance.
> Local area map (PDF)

5 With other Cub Scouts, go on a short walk in your local area. Point out to the leader any features of interest.
We often do this in conjunction with the map reader or navigator badge - we also have a Monopoly treasure hunt which requires a knowledge of local features.

6 Visit a local emergency services station such as police, fire, ambulance services, coastguard or mountain rescue. Find out how the station is run.
We often go on visits to our local fire station. The crew are always willing to talk to us about what they do, show us round the station and let the Cubs look at the fire engines.