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Home Safety Badge

Home Safety badge sheet
We use a very slightly adapted version of the National Grid badge pack for this badge. We complete most of the activities as bases for the Cubs to visit over the course of a two meetings. We also try to organise a trip to the fire station at about the same time. We ask that some of the sheets are completed at home.
> Cover sheet (PDF)

1 Know what to do in the event of a burst water pipe, gas leak or electricity power failure in your home.
> Know what to do in the event of a burst pipe or power failure (PDF) - complete at home
> All about electricity (PDF)
> Gas safety (PDF)
> Carbon monoxide safety (PDF)

2 Know what precautions you need to take and what to do if fire breaks out in your home.
> Fire escape plan (PDF) - complete at home

3 Be able to identify the common causes of accidents in the home and how they can be prevented.
> Accidents at home (PDF)
> First aid kit (PDF) - we do a practical run through of a first aid kit for this

4 Know what precautions to take to protect your home from crime.
> Protect your home from crime (PDF)

5 Know how to make an emergency telephone call, including using mobile telephones, to call the emergency services.
> Make an emergency call (PDF)
> Emergency call practice sheet (PDF)

6 Know where the nearest public telephone box is to your house, or where you can make an emergency call should  this phone be out of action.
> See emergency call sheet at 5 above

7 Make a list of useful emergency numbers.
> Useful number sheet (PDF)