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Global Conservation Badge

Global Conservation badge sheet
This badge must be completed as part of the Pack, Six or other group. We did it as a whole Pack, breaking down into Sixes for some activities. We did it over a couple of meetings, plus a weekend at a nature reserve.

1 While you are working on this badge with your group:
(a) Find some examples showing how people have damaged the environment and other examples showing how people have conserved the environment.
(b) Find examples of where the Countryside Code is being broken and what has happened as a result.
During the meeting when you introduce this badge talk about the Countryside Code and give each Cub a copy of this. Tell the Cubs to start looking out for examples of damage/conservation and the Countryside Code having been broken. During the final meeting get them to complete the observation sheet in their Sixes.
> Countryside Code and conservation discussion (PDF)
> Countryside Code (PDF)
> Observation sheet (PDF)

2 Take part as a group in two projects, such as:
(a) clearing a ditch, pond or creek
(d) tidying up a piece of wasteland
Contact a local conservation group and offer your services. We went along to a local nature reserve and helped out for a day with cleaning, tidying, digging and planting.

(e) taking part in an anti-litter campaign
Look at posters produced by Keep Britain Tidy (you can order free resources from them) and think about how to run a good campaign. The Cubs should then make their own posters to put up at school. Get them to vote on their favourite and copy the best ones onto A3 paper for all the Cubs to put up, together with their own poster.

3 Choose one from the following:
(a) Make a display to inform others about an animal, bird, plant, fish, etc which is in danger of extinction.
During the first week talk about what extinction is and play the extinction game to introduce some animals in danger of extinction. 
> Extinction game (PDF)

Then get the Cubs to work in their Sixes to choose an animal to research. The following week provide them with a sheet of A1 flipchart paper and give them an hour to prepare their presentations (you will know which animals are being done so take along some extra resources and pictures in case they were needed).
> Animal extinction preparation sheet (PDF)
> Animal extinction A1 sheet template (PDF) - draw this out on flipchart paper for each group in advance