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Emergency Aid Badge (Level 1)

Emergency Aid badge sheet
We completed this badge over the course of an evening. The Cubs worked in their Sixes with an adult per Six guiding them through the activities.

The evening began with an general introduction and a discussion about accidents:

The Cubs then completed each of the following activities, spending 15 minutes on each activity, starting with requirement 2, then requirement 3, then 4 and finally requirement 1.

1 Understand and recognise dangers in the house and outside.
Cubs work in their Sixes to spot dangers in the kitchen, living room and garden and to discuss why these things are dangerous.

2 Know what to do at the scene of an accident.
Cubs work in their Sixes to act out a scenario and think about how they should respond.

3 Know how to open an airway.
Cubs work in pairs to practice opening airways after having discussed why this is important.

4 Know how to treat minor cuts, scratches and grazes.
Cubs work in pairs to practice cleaning and dressing small cuts.