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Swimming Gala

See reports and photos: 2013, 2015

This is a bi-annual competition, open to all Cubs in the District. Packs can enter as many teams as they want, but they must be comprised of the correct ages/strokes - see the rules and team sheets. The Cubs compete in a number of different races and are awarded points based on their finishing position. These points go towards the team total and medals are awarded to the top three finishing teams.


13:45    Arrival and registration
14:00    Get changed and come to poolside
14:30    Race 1: Breaststroke 50m
14:40    Race 2: Breaststroke 25m
14:50    Race 3: Backstroke 50m
15:00    Race 4: Backstroke 25m
15:10    Race 5: Freestyle 50m
15:20    Race 6: Freestyle 25m
15:40    Race 7: Team medley 100m
15:50    Race 8: Wading race 20m
14:00    Race 9: Wading race 10m
14:15    Awards ceremony
16:30    Home time
  • Information and rules (Word document - detailed information about the running of the competition, including rules)
  • Rules (Word document - detailed rules about how the competition will run)
  • Team Schedule sheet (Word document - for teams to complete with details of participants)
  • To do list (Word document - a useful reminder of everything needed on the day)
  • Team list (Word document - a simple record of all the teams)
  • Team numbers (Word document - so that teams know which lane they should be in)
  • Role stickers (Word document - label your adults and make sure everyone knows what they are doing!)
  • Programme (Word document - for sale to parents/spectators)
  • Score sheets (Word document - for recording the place and finish time of each team)
  • Score sheet (Excel document - for recording team times and scores)
  • Certificate - participation (Word document - with swimming graphics)
  • Certificate - placed teams (Word document - with swimming graphics)