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Sports Day

See reports and photos: 2014, 2016

This is a bi-annual fun day, open to all Cubs in the District. Cubs who attend achieve their Athletics badge, and those who reach the required standard also receive their Athletics plus badge. We run the event at Horspath Athletics Track, a local authority owned ground - there is a hire cost, which we offset by charging £5 per Cub. Cubs are competing individually but are split into mixed-Pack groups. Each group rotates around eight different activities over the course of the day, with several breaks for refreshments and lunch.

At the end of the day every Cub receives a certificate and their Athletics Badge. Leaders are also notified of which Cubs have reached the required standard for their Athletics Plus Badge. In addition, individual medals are awarded for the top performers in each event and medals are also awarded to the group performing best on the team assault course.

The eight event sessions are:
  • 50m races (sprinting and skipping with a rope)
  • Throwing (Cricket ball and football)
  • High jump
  • Fun races (egg and spoon, sack race, three-legged race, beanbag balance race)
  • Long jump
  • Shuttle runs
  • Team assault course
  • Sargent jump and 1,000m run

09:30    Registration
10:00    Warm up (all Cubs)
10:15    Session 1
10:45    Session 2
11:15    Break
11:30    Session 3
12:00    Session 4
12:30    Lunch
13:00    Session 5
13:30    Session 6
14:00    Break
14:15    Session 7
14:45    Session 8
15:15    Warm down
15:30    Break
15:45    Closing
16:00    Home time

Advance information
Pack leader documents

Other documents

  • Record sheet (Excel document - to record times for events and auto calculate points for Athletics Plus badge)
  • Programme (Word document - for sale on the day)
  • A3 Schedule (Word document - to go on the wall)
  • A3 Map (Word document - to go on the wall)
  • Certificates (Word document - athletics badge certificates)
  • Data for certificates (Excel document - data to merge into certificates)
Group leader documents
Event leader documents