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Sixer and Seconder Camp

See reports and photos: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016

We run this camp annually in November, to coincide with Remembrance Day. It is open to all Sixers and Seconders in the District, but numbers are limited to 36 as it is often oversubscribed and we use a Scout HQ with limited space to keep costs down. The activities were designed to fulfil the requirements of the old Outdoor Plus Challenge - they now go towards various different badges.


09:00    Cubs arrive - split into teams and put up tents
11:00    Activity to find out about Scouts
11:30    Meal planning - decide what to cook for dinner
12:00    Lunch
12:45    Game planning - design a game in teams
13:15    Hike game - know what to take on a day hike
13:45    Hike planning and hike
15:15    Shopping for dinner
16:30    Cub games
17:30    Dinner preparation
18:30    Dinner and clear up
20:00    Camp fire, supper
21:30    Bed
07:00    Up, washed, dressed
08:00    Breakfast
08:30    Tents tidy and inspection
09:15    Into smart uniform and bus into City
10:30    Remembrance Day parade
12:00    Back to HQ - lunch
14:00    Stroke camp and tidy site
15:00    Closing