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Scrapheap Challenge

See reports and photos: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017

This is a bi-annual competition, open to all Cubs in the District. Packs can enter as many teams of two as they want. We read them a story and they must then work together to design and build a model based on what they have heard. They are marked in a number of different categories and given an aggregate score based on how they do in each area (including planning, teamwork and clearing up - so it's not just about how good their model is).


13:45    Cubs arrive and register - stick labels on teams
14:00    Story - Cubs sit and listen
14:10    Planning - working in pairs
14:20    Scrap selection
14:30    Start building
15:30    Clear up
15:45    Drink and biscuit
16:00    Model feedback
16:15    Final scores and presentation
16:30    Home time
  • Information Sheet (Word document - including advance information about how the contest will be run)
  • Rules (Word document - details of exactly how the competition will be run)
  • Labels (Word document - we stick a label on each Cub so we can keep track of which team is which!)
  • Score sheets (Word document - for use by the leaders marking the teams)
  • Score sheet (Excel spreadsheet - to enter results into)
  • Certificates (Word document - with appropriate graphics)