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Promise Party

We held a District Promise Party to celebrate 100 years of Cubs. We invited all the Cubs, leaders and ex-leaders in the District, together with a number of local dignitaries. Each attendee received a custom bag and pencil. The party began with a Trading Posts activity - Cubs worked in teams of two of three to complete as many bases as possible and earn as much money as they could. We then joined together for a renewal of our Promises before taking part in a great big bring and share indoor picnic. An excellent way to finish the term!

17:00    Set up and preparation
17:45    Adults running bases to arrive
18:00    Cubs arrive and register - receive bags/pencils
             Trading post activity begins
19:00    End trading posts activity and collect sheets
19:10    Assemble for Promise renewal
19:16    Promise renewal
19:20    Go through for food
19:45    Clear up
19:50    Presentations
20:00    End of party


Advance information

Set-up and admin


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