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Play Days Event

This was an event organised by Oxford City Council and held in the centre of the city. Together with a number of other organisations providing activities for young people the Scouts were invited to run a stall, providing information and activities to visitors. We had quite a few leaflets and posters up, plus a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in being sent more information. We ran three activities (mapping, spaghetti and marshmallow bridges and river crossing puzzles) and had a lucky dip box of prizes for the winners.

Scouting information

Map Quest

Note: you require a Landranger 164 (Oxford) map for this activity


Note: you need spaghetti and marshmallows, plus something to represent the river to be crossed

River crossing puzzles

Note: you need a toy boat, three pirates, three children, a dog, a cat, a monkey and some treasure - we used Playmobil but pictures or even just printed words would work fine!

Other information