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Olympics Camp

This was a camp that we ran in 2012 to celebrate the Olympics. It was open to all the Cubs in the District and they competed as mixed-Pack "countries" over the course of the weekend, completing 16 bases which each represented a particular sport. Each Pack was asked to provide and run one or two of the bases - they were told the Sport and the sort of base needed (physical, quiz, craft etc) but the detail was left to the Pack.

Each Pack received a detailed folder of information on arrival (Pack materials). On Saturday they were split into teams, with designated leaders for each team (team materials). They also competed in team relay races on the Sunday.

18:30    Arrive on site
19:30    Pack time for camp set up/supper
21:30    Candle-lit opening ceremony
22:30    Lights out
09:30    Flag break, warm up routine
10:00    Activity bases (1-5)
12:40    Lunch in Packs
13:40    Activity bases (6-12)
17:20    Dinner and Pack time
19:00    Camp fire
21:00    Lights out
09:30    Flag break and Cub's Own
10:00    Activity bases (13-16)
12:10    Lunch in Packs
13:00    Team relay races
14:00    Pack time
14:30    Closing ceremony
15:00    End of camp


Advance information

Medal competition


Admin materials

Pack materials

Team materials

Base materials

Relay race materials