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Kub Kars

See reports and photos: 2014, 2016

This is a bi-annual competition, open to all Cubs in the District. Cubs enter individually, having already constructed their cars in advance (it is up to Packs how they do this but many have a couple of programmed meetings to make cars).

Kub Kars are a Canadian "thing" - you can read more about them on the Canada Scouts Wiki.

The kits are bulk-purchased in advance from Canadian Scout Shops (delivery time is about 6 weeks; for a February contest we tend to insist that Packs place their orders by the end of September so that we have plenty of time to order and receive the cars and distribute them to Packs before Christmas).

13:00    Doors open for registration
             Cars inspected and numbered
13:30    Distance Contest
14:15    Speed Contest
15:15    Design judging
15:45    Presentations
16:00    Home time