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See reports and photos: 2011, 2012 (Jan), 2012 (Dec), 2013

This is an annual competition, open to all Cubs in the District. Packs can enter as many teams of three as they want (we often end up making up some mixed-Pack teams on the day, when not everyone shows up) and we have a tournament style competition with each team playing the same number of games. Ideally, each team plays every other, but when we have a lot of teams this makes for a very long contest, so we limit to six rounds regardless of number of teams. The structure and rules available below explain how we make this as fair as possible.


13:45    Teams arrive and register
14:00    Rules, teams select numbers
14:15    Round 1 (10 minutes)
14:25    Switch over
14:30    Round 2 (10 minutes)
14:40    Switch over
14:45    Round 3 (10 minutes)
14:55    Break – drink and biscuit
15:10    Round 4 (10 minutes)
15:20    Switch over
15:25    Round 5 (10 minutes)
15:35    Switch over
15:40    Round 6 (10 minutes)
15:45    Clear up/final scores calculated
15:55    Presentations
16:00    Finish