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Boating Day

See reports and photos: 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015

We run this boating day every year. It is open to all Cubs in the District but is always over-subscribed, so we give priority to Packs who haven't attended the previous year. Packs get 10 spaces each and we have 40 Cubs for the morning session and another 40 for the afternoon session. This day used to enable Cubs to complete their Water Activities badge (provided they completed their booklets, which were provided in advance). We will review which badges it goes towards in the future!


08:30              Gets boats ready
09:00/13:00    Groups arrive
09:10/13:10    Sign in and divide into groups
09:20/13:20    Safety briefing and change
09:45/13:45    Water session 1
10:30/14:10    Drink and snack
10:50/14:50    Water session 2
11:35/15:35    Drink and snack
11:55/15:55    Water session 3
12:40/16:40    Get changed and leaders break
13:00/17:00    Badge presentation and departure
17:10              Get cleared up
  • Boating Day Booklet (Word document - provided to Cubs to complete in advance)
  • Parents Information Sheet (Word document - details of how the day will work and what the Cubs need)
  • Schedule for wall (Word document - so the leaders running it all know what is happening)
  • Group labels (Word document - to label the Cubs as they arrive so that they know which group there are in)
  • What to tell Cubs (Word document - a summary of everything to run through with them)