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Camper Badge

Camper badge sheet
1 With other Cub Scouts, camp under canvas for at least three nights (not necessarily on the same occasion).
This one doesn't need any resources - just keep a record of how many nights they've had in a tent as well as total nights away.

2 Help pack personal kit for a Cub Scout camp.
Ask parents to get their Cubs to do this and then sign to say it has been done. We provide a useful packing guide which we ask them to get the Cubs to follow:
> Packing guide and parent's confirmation (PDF)

3 Help to pitch and strike a tent and know how to take care of it.
We always get the Cubs to put up and take down the tents and we usually do a practice the week before, usually with patrol tents even if we're not camping in these. As a part of the practice we have a five minute introduction to tent care:
> Tent care information (PDF)

4 At camp, help to prepare, cook, serve and clear away a simple meal, if possible out-of-doors.
We get the Cubs to work in small groups to plan what they want to eat. They then get given a budget in their groups (about £2 per Cub) and we go to the local supermarket where they can buy everything they need. When we get back to camp they cook what they've planned. This can fill several hours and the Cubs tend to enjoy their dinner more if they have decided what to have!

5 Know how to look after yourself and be safe at camp. Know how to prepare for tent and kit inspection.
We usually talk about this the week before camp:
> Looking after yourself and staying safe (PDF)
> Tent and kit inspection (PDF)

6 Take part in at least three of the following while at camp:
(a) camp fire
We have a song book that we sometimes use, particularly when there are lots of new Cubs on camp:
> Song book (PDF)

(c) wide game
We always try to run a wide game on camp. Here is a particular favorite which ensures the Cubs (and adults) are completely worn out by the end:
> Face painting game (PDF)

(d) joint activity with other Cub Scouts on site or from a local Group
This is easy to complete if you take part in District or County camps (which we often do) - for example there is almost always a joint camp fire / Scout's own / wide game to take part in.

(f) help to tidy up the campsite before you leave
The Cubs should be doing this any way, so it's a nice easy one to complete!