These pages are aimed at other Cub Scout leaders who are looking for resources and ideas to support their own programmes. More will be added as and when we have time!

They contain a collection of materials and programme ideas and are all activities that we have tried and enjoyed in the past. We are very happy for you to download and use any of these materials with your own Packs.

This section contains copies of the meeting programmes that we run, together with copies of the resources that we use at the meetings.

Outings and trips
This section contains information about some of the outings, trips and taster sessions that we have arranged for the Pack
This section contains copies of the various programmes that we have used over the years, together with copies of other resources used on the camps.

If you are looking for resources to complete a particular badge please see our badge matrix - this will link you to the relevant programmes/events.
District activities and competitions
Our Akela is also a District Cub Leader and she runs lots of District activities and competitions. This section contains links to the resources she has put together for these events.

We have videos of our opening ceremony, closing ceremony and investiture ceremony. Everyone does it slightly differently, but this shows how we do it!