24 March 2013: Boot & Compass Challenge

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We spent a chilly afternoon outside for this year's Boot & Compass Challenge, but despite the snow on the ground, the deep muddy puddles and the temperatures of -2 we had a fantastic time.

Four teams from Jacala Cubs joined with eleven other teams from 10th Oxford, 22nd Oxford, 33rd Oxford Mowgli, 43rd Oxford and Wheatley and competed to find their way around a course in the fastest possible time. Armed with compass, whistle, pencil and answer sheet they were given a series of bearings and had to find their way from base to base, recording the letters and numbers along their way.

Our teams finished sixth (Harry, Samanyu, Jack and Kyle), ninth (Ayrton, Luke and Giles) and joint thirteenth (James, Josh, Laurence and Ben / Asa, Cooba and Samuel). Well done to all of you!