9-10 March 2013: Pack Sleepover

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A total of 27 Cubs took part in this sleepover at the Scout Hut in Kidlington, including eleven who hadn't stayed away with the Pack before. We split into four teams, the Grids, the Keys, the Contours and the Symbols.

After our opening ceremony they spent Saturday afternoon completing four different bases, all of which contributed to their map reader and navigator badges: a treasure hunt, tracking, a map quest and Wolf Island. Dinner was from the fish & chip shop, followed by some of the delicious cakes contributed by the parents and Cubs.

After dinner we got beds ready and played a few games before Brendan arrived to run the camp fire. After about three-quarters of an hour of fantastic songs (we were all very hot and sweaty by the end, with so much jumping around) we toasted some marshmallows over candles and then had hot chocolate and more cake before bed.

Akela read the Cubs some bed-time stories while they settled down and some of them were soon snoring loudly; others took a bit longer to get off to sleep, but they were all quiet by 11.30pm, and managed to stay that way until about 6.30am.

We had toast and cereal for breakfast, then packed our bags and our lunches before doing some preparation for the hike. The Cubs all drew out a route map so that they would know where they were going and learnt how to set a map using a compass. We had time for a few team games before the parent helpers arrived and we got into a boots and our coats and put on our Packs.

We set off on our hike at 10.30am, armed with a set of directions and a list of things to spot along the way. It was very chilly and also extremely muddy, and we lost several shoes along the way (Cubs seem to have a magnetic attraction to large pools of mud). Lunch was in Hampton Gay and we saw some very tiny lambs - they looked like they may only have been born the day before - before making our way back towards Kidlington. 

The Cubs were so mud-coated that they were had to take off their boots and trousers before coming inside, to avoid spreading muck all over the Scout hut. Once they were cleaned up they had a drink and a snack and then it was time for flag down. They all earned their map reader and navigator badges and there were also plenty of nights away and hikes away badges awarded. The winning team - the Contours, made up of Charlie, Charley, Ayrton, Luke, William and Oscar - received special Cubs medals for their efforts. We're sure that they all slept well on Sunday night!