2 February 2013: Our Sporting Adventure Prize Party

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We had 35 current and ex-Cubs at our party to celebrate winning the Our Sporting Adventure Party. We started off with a beanbag war and then played beanbag snatch. Having worked up a good appetite we headed through for an amazing party feast (thank you to all of the parents for your contributions). While the main focus of most Cubs seemed to be on eating as many sweet things as possible we did managed to persuade some fruit and vegetables into a few of them. We had a fast paced chariot racing game to work off lunch (Chil got a bit over enthusiastic and ran so fast that Ayrton shot straight off his "chariot" and landed on his head, but we were otherwise injury free) and then took advantage of the sunshine to play stuck-in-the-mud outdoors. We finished the party with a presentation of badges and certificates for everyone who took part in the challenges, together with prizes for the Cubs who completed the most.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along and helped out, either with getting food ready or joining in with the games!