8-9 December 2012: Christmas Sleepover

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This is our second Christmas Sleepover at the Scout Hut. This year we were joined by both Mowgli Cubs and a Pack from Abingdon. The sleepover was organised and run by Shere Khan from the Mowgli Pack.

We had 34 Cubs altogether and the sleepover started with card making. The Cubs then went on a dark walk and played some dark wide games before coming back to a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by Baloo from Mowgli, with the help of Kaa. 

After dinner the Cubs prepared their sleeping quarters and got into their pyjamas reading to watch Arthur Christmas, complete with popcorn. All but two managed to stay awake for the whole movie and then it was time for bed. After the usual chattering and torch flashing (with two Cubs taking a barefoot run around the car park when they wouldn't stop talking) they were finally all asleep by 2am (!!)

The late night didn't stop them jumping out of bed bright and early for bacon sandwiches and gifts from Santa - led finger torches which they wore during our after-breakfast disco! Pick up was at 10am, with a day of Sainsbury's bag packing to follow, to raise funds for the Group.