10 November 2012: CSSA Ceremony

Aidan Forbes, Hamish Harrison-Cushing, Hugo Burrows, Mason Smith, Charley Linford, Arjen Olive, Charlie Rixon, Matthew Forse, Jonathan Forse, Laurence Phillips, Morgan Phillips.
Eleven cubs this year achieved their Cubs Scouts Silver Award.

It was lovely to see so many cubs achieve this award in our area, over 180 were able to attend the CSSA event, which was a large hall full as the pictures show. 

Sadly due to other events clashing, many cubs were working hard on their Outdoor plus badge instead of being a this event, though how we would have fitted them on the stage I am not sure.

As a pack we work hard at achieving our goals, many of our cubs attend all the meetings and activities and this is their reward. As a pack we succeed together and 90% of our cubs gain their Silver Award, learning new skills and being awesome cubs along the way. Jacala as a pack has one of the highest records of cubs gaining their award in our District and it is because our cubs are so enthusiastic and willing to work hard that we manage this. It was a privilege to attend and I hope to see many more of this years cubs at next years event.