8 November 2012: Hobbies Evening

A big thank you to all the parents who came and helped. All the cubs had a story to tell us about their hobbies.

We learnt how to build a Giant Train Set, Karate moves, Judo holds, Snow Boarding, Rugby, Guitar playing, Cycling, football, Star Wars, Wii games, Lego, Sharks, Skylanders, Swimming, Acting and finally Reading. Setting up in groups with a leader, each cub got to talk and discuss with other cubs how to do their hobby, the saftey rules, what equipment they needed and how to develop their hobby. Oh and thank you to the parents for allowing some of the cubs to bring in such a lot of interesting things that had we had an interesting things table it would have been groaning under the weight and we would not have been able to decide. I can definetely say that every cub wanted to see Charley in his Snow Board suit, even if I think he was a bit hot at the end, our Scout Hut not being the same temperature as the slopes, thank goodness.

Also well done to the cubs who tried out Squash, as they all said they had enjoyed it and it was fun trying out something new.