25 October 2012: Halloween Party

On this scary night all the Cubs arrived in spooky Halloween costumes. There were some very scary costumes, and all the Cubs voted for the best outfit, which went to Harry for his blood covered horrific butcher outfit.

Bagheera and Chil then spookily proved that on this night they had developed telepathy skills. And when one of them went out of the room, the other chose a Cub at random as they sat in a circle. The other then came into the room and identified through heat and telepathic signals alone, which Cub had been chosen. The Cubs suspected trickery or some cheating was at hand, until Chil and Bagheera showed their skill again and had the Cubs baffled that they were able to identify another chosen Cub without any communication, other than telepathy! Spooky!

Following this the Cubs then grouped in Sixes took part in a series of fun activities:
* Making scary cup cakes (using edible grave dust, jammy blood, chocolate finger tomb stones, chocolate button eyeballs, etc)
* Sticky Apple bobbing (into the water for an apple then straight into the icing sugar for a sweet)
* Dangling party rings (eating them off a string - no hands allowed!)
* Designing and making Scary Bags (to put sweets in)