18 October 2012: Tracking Evening

The Cubs were separated into Groups of 5 with one Leader per Group.

They were given sheets showing different tracking signs such as sticks making the sign of an arrows, chalk markings on the pavement, and no entry signs on the ground. There were also clues given by the Leaders for the Cubs to work out and find.

The tracking took the Cubs across the Football Ground, round the corner of Evans Lane onto Mill Street, down the footpath towards High Street and across to Oxford Road, then back to the Scout Hut. Questions included finding out the minimum charge of a phone call from the phone box in Mill Street, what fruit were showing on the poster of a church, and what number house was for sale on one of the roads we were taken down and what the name of the rocket was described on the poster outside the Fire Station.

The Cubs worked well as Teams to find the tracking marks and work out the clues.

Once all the Cubs were back at the Scout Hut, the new Cubs that had come up from Beavers were formally investured.