11 October 2012: Senses Evening

The night started with a quick talk about sight, and using only one sense. 

Each team got to grips with trying various activities: 

Sight and Sound – Identify the animal from a body part or noise, followed by a quiz about eyes. Cubs did really well at identifying an armadillo, but they weren’t so sure about penguins with their red eyes. 

Smell – have a sniff at 10 different stinky and not so stinky bags. Well done to everyone and Bagheera for having a go. 

Taste – A true treat for the taste buds, as 10 flavours of crisps were on offer, some of them tried more than once, and not just cubs trying these. Oddly Pringles are many peoples favourite crisp no matter what flavour. 

Touch – a large bag of swag was carefully poked and felt to discover some handy household items. Well done to all groups for getting so many of these correct, a 
good team effort on this one. 

Blind Assault Course Football – a super team game, not as quiet as you might think, with a cubs designed course to get the football round the course and in the goal with your team helping you find your way. Points given for not knocking down the poles surrounding the course, balanced on tins. 

Everyone agreed they that they enjoyed the activities and thanks to many parent helpers on the night of which we are truly pleased to have so many supporting us.