27 September 2012: Akela's Wedding Surprise

After starting the evening with Akela running through the Our Sporting Adventure final stickers, in which the Cubs placed the last ones on the record chart. All the cubs where pleased to have been one of the packs to complete the challenge, an achievement only a few of the packs who entered have done.

We followed that awesome challenge with preparing Akela and her new husband for a celebration of her wedding. Two of our ex-pack members, Erin and Morgan, generously agreed to play the parts of Akela and her new husband, with Charley officiating as master of ceremonies. Music was provided by another moved up member, Hamish who plays the piano/keyboard masterfully despite having injured his wrist earlier that day. Ayrton also entertained us with a wonderful Cello piece. Finally we all had the pleasure of Matthew and Jonathan being rock stars.

A wonderful cake was supplied by Michelle (Ayrton’s mum) and a lovely spread of party food was enjoyed by all. Akela and Gareth were touched by all the good wishes and had a card signed by all the cubs to wish them well and hope that their adventures would be very exciting and they would track her progress via her web site.

We also said a fond farewell to regular Helper Curly Wurly, as he said goodbye on his last night before heading off to become a full-time University Student. We're sure we will persuade him to come back and help in between term times!

A great thanks to all the parents who helped with the party as we could not have done this without all your help.