4 April 2019: Most Eggcellent

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We had a rather chilly but most eggcellent evening of Youlbury as our last meeting of the Spring term. We joined with the Beavers and Cubs of the 10th Oxford Pack for an egg packed Easter meeting.

For the first half of the evening the Cubs were divided into teams and competed in a range of eggy relay races:
  • Dribbling hard boiled eggs round a cone and back again
  • Egg and spoon races with raw eggs
  • Passing a raw egg along a line
  • Throwing raw eggs to each other and trying to catch them
The Cubs were then sent into the woods on a hunt for little scraps of paper - for every white piece of paper they found they received a little egg, for every pink piece a larger egg and for a piece of card they got a creme egg - yum!

At the end of the evening Megan and Joe received their Chief Scout's Silver Awards - well done!