29 November 2018: Bethany's Badge Evening

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We had a very special day on Thursday 29th as Bethany Hayward completed her final Cub Scout activity badge and had it presented by Tim Kidd, Chief Commissioner for the United Kingdom.

Bethany joined us from Beavers in September 2016 and since then she has been working very hard to complete all of the badges available to her: that’s 37 round red activity badges, at least level one of all 15 staged (blue) activity badge, the seven Challenge awards and her Chief Scout’s Silver Award. 

She had to learn a lot of new skills including photography, cooking over a fire, building a box out of wood, learning to ride a horse, taking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, skiing, sailing a boat and paddling a kayak. She has also spent 16 nights away on camps and sleepovers. Our final badge was the Communicator, which we completed on 22nd November. You can see all the badges, and download sheets to complete them here.

We also had Anthony Morris along to present Chief Scout's Silver Awards to six of our Cubs (Jack, Philip, Wilf, Finn, Tom and Joseph) and a Chief Scout's Bronze Award to Clemmie.

Well done Bethany! Now it’s time to see how many more Cubs we can get to achieve this … let’s get working …