2 June 2018: Sailing Taster Session

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We had a beautiful day for our first ever sailing taster session at Farmoor Reservoir. Ten Cubs, two older brothers and four adults took part in the session, learning how to prepare the Pico boats and then getting them out on the water.

After we had attached our booms and our sails and added our rudders, we were towed across the reservoir to the calm side. We then untied the boats and were shown how to get them moving. After a slow start (it was very calm!) we all got our boats sailing up and down between two buoys, with only occasional crashes...

Once we had gained our confidence it was time for some challenges, including walking around the mast and sailing while standing up. Akela was the first to end up in the water - she made it to the front of the boat but didn't quite get back round the mast again! However, she wasn't the last in the water, as most of the Cubs made the most of the gorgeous sunshine and threw themselves overboard.

We then sailed slowly back across the reservoir (the wind stopped entirely, making this tricky) and put our boats away. The Cubs were then invited to cool off by throwing themselves into the water and swimming across.

Thank you to everyone at Oxford Sail Training Trust for the brilliant day - we'll be back.

All Cubs attending the session completed their Stage 1 Sailing badge - well done!