3 May 2018: Pack Forum

We ran a Pack Forum to find out what the Cubs wanted to do. 

First we laid out sheets all round the room showing activities that the Pack has done in the past. We asked everyone to tick to say whether it was an activity that they wanted to do, they weren't sure, or it wasn't something they wanted to do.

We then asked Cubs to work in their Sixes to come up with a theme for a camp or an activity day. Within their Sixes they came up with a list which they voted on. They then wrote their favourite idea on a piece of paper and stuck it up on the wall. The whole Pack was then asked to go and stand next to the one they most wanted to do ... "James Bond" won, so that's what we'll be doing next year! Results were:
  • James Bond: 13 votes
  • Harry Potter: 8 votes
  • Candy Camp: 7 votes
  • Stone Age: 2 votes
  • Doctor Who: 1 vote
Finally we asked the Cubs to come up with other activities that they might like to do at Cubs, that weren't on the sheets we looked at to begin with. They worked in Sixes to come up with ideas and the Sixers then presented the two most popular ideas to the rest of the Pack. Every Cub was given a vote for the activity that they most wanted to try out. Final votes were as follows:
  • Box forts: 11 votes
  • Zorbing: 6 votes
  • Sky dive: 4 votes
  • Dirt biking: 4 votes
  • Pea shooting: 1 votes
  • Spy games: 1 votes
  • Snow board: 1 votes
  • Paper crafts: 0 votes
  • Diving: 0 votes
  • Wood carving: 0 votes