27-29 April 2018: Pack Adventure Camp

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It was a very chilly (though not too rainy) weekend - sandwiched between two heatwave weekends! - for our Pack Adventure Camp at Youlbury.

The camp began on Friday evening with the Cubs arriving and getting their tents and beds sorted out. They had a discussion and quiz about camp safety and then a torch lit wide game, hunting for team coloured glow sticks! Then it was supper, teeth brushing and into bed.

On Saturday morning we started the day with a delicious breakfast (thanks Rob, Karen and Jake!) and then got tents and kit ready for inspection. After that it was time for the first base of the day - each team completed all four bases:
  • Tent pitching/striking and blindfold trail
  • Countryside Code, hike preparation and shelter building
  • First Aid
  • Pioneering
After a quick break for drinks and snacks it was time to get fires lit ready to cook lunch - camp twists, smores, camp doughnuts and pitta pizzas - yum! After the fires were safely extinguished the afternoon was spent completing the other three bases. After dinner the Cubs set off on a hike round Youlbury, before returning to camp for supper, teeth brushing and bed.

Sunday began with another tasty breakfast (pancakes!) before getting tents tidy and kit packed away. The Cubs then walked down to their morning activities: crate stacking and archery! Having learnt some great new skills it was back to camp for lunch, closing ceremony and home time. 

There were lots of badges gained on this camp: Outdoor and Adventure Challenges, lots of Nights Away and Hikes Away badges, plus Pioneer, Backwoods Cooking and Emergency Aid Levels 2 and 3. Well done to all the Cubs and Leaders who took part!