15 and 22 March 2018: Skills Evenings

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We spent a couple of weeks getting Cubs up to speed with some basic household jobs - they were all taught the following skills:
  • Ironing: the Cubs all had a go at ironing their scarf and then folding it back up neatly again (or sometimes not so neatly…) - they mostly all had a go at a shirt or T-shirt too - we now have some very neatly ironed painting shirts!
  • Sewing: every Cub sewed a button onto a piece of felt and some made rather more elaborate creations.
  • Hot drink making: they all made a nice cup of tea, which some of them drank, and then they washed up and dried up afterwards.
  • Changing a lightbulb: we taught the Cubs how to change two different types of lightbulb (screw and bayonet fittings) and also showed them how to change the fuse in a plug.
  • Laying the table: they should now all know how to set the table for both an informal and a formal dinner – don’t forget the salad fork!
  • Peeling: every Cub peeled a carrot (yum!) and a potato – amazingly, no fingers were lost in the process …