24-25 February 2018: Animal Sleepover

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We had a wonderful time at the animal sleepover that Mor planned and ran for us. The Cubs were divided into four teams (elephants, monkeys, lions and giraffes) and began the weekend by making some wonderful masks. 

After a delicious lunch the Cubs met some real live animals, including snakes, meerkats, frogs, hedgehogs and a skunk.

They then started work on their research project, preparing a presentation for their parents on Sunday, before being provided with a bowl of fruit and veg and being told to create an animal from it. We then played all sorts of animal themed games and were very ready for our tasty dinner.

After dinner it was time to get beds ready, PJs on and snuggle down to watch a movie (with popcorn). 

After a good sleep the Cubs were ready for more fun and games in the morning, finishing off their presentations and then having a great time with the parachute. The parents arrived at the end of camp and the Cubs did an amazing job of telling them all about what they had learnt during the camp. We then awarded prizes to the winning team (the elephants) and the Cubs went home for a rest.