18 November 2017: District Chess Competition

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There was a good turn out for our annual chess tournament, held at 33rd Oxford HQ on Saturday 18 November. We had six Cubs taking part, split over two teams - a total of ten teams participated, from eight different Packs. 

Our teams each played five other teams, selected at random. Scoring one point for a win and half a point for a draw, the totals were tallied up to give a maximum score of 18 points. The winners were 8th Oxford, with an impressive 15.5 points, with our 33rd Jacala "Dream Team" (made up of James, Austin and George) in second (13.5 points) and Wheatley in third (12 points). And well done to our other team of Philip, Bethany and Ravi who all played very well. A special mention goes to James who won every single one of his games!

The chess competition provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to get involved - many Cubs learn to play so that they can take part in the tournament - and is always good fun. Particular thanks go to our adjudicators, without whom we wouldn't be able to run the competition, as quite a few of the Cubs leaders don't know the rules!