25 October 2017: Horse Riding Day

We had another glorious day for our Horse Riding event at Standlake Equestrian Centre near Witney. Ten Cubs plus one Beaver took part in the day, learning the basics of grooming, stable management and riding.

The Cubs were divided into three groups. They began the day by grooming two ponies, learning the names of the various brushes and having a go at cleaning their hooves. They then learnt about the saddle and bridle and helped to get their tack on.

One group then had a go at riding, covering the basics within the indoor arena before setting off on a hack through the woods, led by the second group. Meanwhile the third group was hard at work, clearing horse manure from one of the paddocks. They then switched round a couple of times until every Cub had tried out all activities.

We then made use of the campfire circle in the woods to eat our lunches, before taking party in our final activity - horse racing! Cubs were divided into four teams for this and all participated in at least two races - points for the team were combined with rosettes awarded accordingly.

All Cubs who participated in the day will receive their Equestrian badge.