19 October 2017: Synagogue visit

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We were fortunate enough to be invited along to the Oxford Synagogue in Jericho for a tour and information evening.

Marian met us outside and talked to us a bit about the entrance to the Synagogue, before taking us through to the main room where the boys were invited to wear a yarmulke (the small cap worn during prayer). She told us all about Judaism, about the building that we were in, and about some of the main festivals within her faith. She explained what she and other members of the Jewish community in Oxford do to put their faith into practice and showed us some of the special items that their wear and using while they worship. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and we all learnt a huge amount. We were then given a full tour of the Synagogue and were invited to meet Marian's choir group.

It was a wonderful evening and we are extremely grateful to the Synagogue for the opportunity. All of the Cubs who attended completed their World Faiths activity badge.