30 June-2 July 2017: Minecraft Camp

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We had a beautiful weekend for our Minecraft themed camp at Youlbury. Eighteen Cubs from Jacala joined together with a further eleven Cubs from 10th Oxford for two days of intense crafting.

We arrived at Youlbury on Friday evening and, after getting our tents set up, divided up into six teams. Our first activity was a resource hunt through the woods, collecting wood blocks. These were then crafted into planks and sticks and used to create their crafting table, chest and pickaxe. It was then back out into the woods in search of cobblestones to make a furnace. The was followed by mask making and then a quick supper of hot chocolate and cake before it was time to settle down to sleep.

The Cubs woke up with the birds on Saturday morning, and decided to join them in their chattering; however, breakfast wasn’t until 8am, so they had a long wait before they got fed! Saturday was spent working round a series of bases, at which the Cubs could earn diamonds for their team:

  • Into the Nether: first the Cubs had to construct a Nether portal. They passed through this and completed an obstacle course, taking great care not to fall in the lava. They also needed to watch out for the Nether Skeleton, the Ghast and the Blaze ...
  • Shelter Building: one of the first things you need in Minecraft is a shelter. Cubs had tarpaulins and whatever they could find in the woods to build a waterproof shelter.
  • Archery: the Cubs made their own miniature bows and arrows and also had a go on the soft archery.
  • It's the End: the Cubs had to repair the End Portal (by killing Endermen and taking their eyes) before passing through and bridging a ravine to reach the obsidian towers. They worked together to destroy the End Crystals and then killed the dragon to receive the egg.
  • Fire Lighting and Cooking: it is essential that you have somewhere to cook the food you find! Cubs learnt how to light a fire and then cooked twists, which they ate with jam.
  • TNT disposal: the Cubs were presented with ticking TNT in the middle of a circle that they could not enter. As a team they had to create ropes that were long enough to get the TNT out, find a message that was hidden in ice, complete a race to find all of the tools they needed, chisel the message out of the ice (instructions for disabling the TNT), work as a team to get the TNT out of the circle and then disable it by using a screwdriver to remove the blue wire.
  • Hama Beads: we created loads of brilliant Hama Bead designs on a Minecraft theme and turned them into key rings and badges.
  • Brewing: Cubs completed a series of mini challenges (from duck hooking, to jigsaw puzzle completion, to map reading) to earn the ingredients needed to brew their own potions - and then they sampled them!
Throughout the course of the day they were able to exchange their diamonds at the village for a number of different resources and use these resources to craft the high value items that they were aiming for.

After the bases finished on Saturday we had a fish and chip supper before making a start on our model Creepers. This was followed up by a camp fire, then supper and bed.

Sunday morning was spent finishing off the creepers, competing in relay races and participating in a final crafting session to earn as many points as possible. Then it was time to set of foraging for lunch (all food stuffs that are available in Minecraft) - the Cubs found cards in their teams and shared them out to ensure that everyone had a balanced meal. They were then able to exchange their cards for the food items - lots of baked potatoes, bread, beetroot and watermelon!

We then added up the total points that they Cubs had earned over the course of the weekend and had a closing ceremony with Minecraft books and certificates for the winning team (the Wolves).

Thank you to all of the adults who helped out over the course of the weekend. The Cubs had an amazing time and we couldn’t have done it without you!