11 May 2017: Record Breakers!

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We had a very exciting week as the Cubs attempted to break some Guinness World Records! They were able to attempt each record three times and there was a certificate for the Cub who did the best at each challenge.  All of the challenges come from the Guinness World Record Challengers website. If you click the challenge name in the list below it takes you to the page of the website where you can see videos of the current record holders!

Our record attempts were:
  • Fastest time to arrange 10 dice all with number 1 on top, whilst blindfolded:
  • Most 2p coins balanced on an edge in one minute
  • Most star jumps in one minute
  • Most 2p coins stacked in a tower in 30 seconds
  • Most cocktail sticks in a midget gem in 30 seconds
  • Most pairs of socks sorted in 30 seconds
  • Most circles round the waist with a ball in 30 seconds
  • Most dominoes stacked in a tower in 30 seconds
  • Most peas moved using a straw in one minute
  • Fast time to build a cup pyramid
  • Most dice stacked in a tower in one minute
  • Fastest time to sort jelly beans with a straw
  • Fastest time to sort jelly beans with chopsticks
  • Fastest time to build a three storey house of cards (the award was given for perseverance as no-one managed to build three storeys!)