19 March 2017: Boot & Compass Challenge

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We had an excellent turnout for this year's District Boot & Compass Challenge in Bernwood Forest.

Five teams from Jacala Cubs joined with fifteen other teams from 2nd Oxford, 10th Oxford, 22nd Oxford, 33rd Oxford Mowgli, 43rd Oxford, Wheatley, Yarnton and Thame and competed to find their way around a course in the fastest possible time. Armed with compass, whistle, pencil and answer sheet they were given a series of bearings and had to find their way from base to base, recording the letters and numbers along their way.

Vito, George and Wilf finished in second place with a very impressive time of 35 minutes. Our other teams finished 7th (Benedict, James and Bethany), 13th (Lewis, Joe and William), 14th (Philip, Rose, Sebastian and Tom) and 19th (Eddie, Jack, Joseph and Finlay). Well done to all of you!