4 February 2017: District Scrapheap Challenge

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There was an amazing turn out for this year's Cubs Scrapheap Challenge Competition, held at 22nd Oxford HQ (Donnington Bridge) on Saturday 4th February, with more than 100 Cubs taking part from all over Oxford. We had 11 Cubs at the event, split into teams. Well done to Beth, Eddie, George, Jack St, Jacob, James, Joe, Joseph, Philip, Rose and Vito!

The Cubs were read a fantastic story written by Lorraine Crowther, Cub Leader at the 22nd Oxford Wednesday Pack. They then worked in teams to plan and build a model using scrap from the enormous heap in the corner. Throughout the competition they were marked on behaviour, planning, construction, interpretation, team work and clearing up.

The competition was won by a team from 43rd and 3rd Oxford Cubs.