26 January 2017: Disability Awareness

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For our second week of the Disability Awareness badge the Cubs took part in a series of bases to help them better understand various types of disability:
  • Braille: Cubs learnt about the history of Braille and felt the alphabet. They also felt a Braille book about animals aimed at children. They then had a go at writing out their name and home town in Braille.
  • Sign Language: Cubs learnt the fingerspelling alphabet and then played fingerspelling hangman!
  • Line Up in Order: Cubs were not allowed to talk at all during the activity which asked them to line up in various different orders including alphabetical, by age, by height, by shoe size and by hair colour.
  • Writing and drawing: It sounds simple but writing and drawing becomes a lot harder if you have to use your other hand. Or your feet. Or your mouth. Or your elbow ….
  • Mobility Aids: Andrew, our Scout Leader, kindly brought along a huge range of different mobility aids, from simple walking sticks through to complex wheelchairs and scooters, and told the Cubs all about which are used when.