21 January 2017: Extreme Sports Day

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We had a very exciting day on 21 January, trying out four “extreme sports” in a safe indoor environment. Back in March 2016 we asked the Cubs what activities they would like to try out. Indoor Skydiving was one of the top scoring items so we worked out how we could provide this.

A total of 30 Cubs, Leaders, parents and siblings made their way to Basingstoke for an action packed experience including:
  • Indoor skydiving: wearing special flight suits they stepped into a wind tunnel and experienced the feeling of skydiving
  • Indoor skiing: on an amazing rolling ski slope everyone had a go at learning the basics
  • Brushboarding: with the balance needed for surfing we had form boards to try and balance on whilst standing on spinning brushes
  • Climbing: a rotating climbing wall allowed us to safely climb for hours!

It was an amazing day and the Cubs who took part certainly tried out two new sports for their Skills Challenge!